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Erste LiebeErste Liebe (£10 plus postage)

This CD, the third to feature the orchestra Die Flotten Geister, which is conducted by Klaus Straube, and arranged with concertmaster Jiri Preisinger features soprano Pauline Pfeffer and tenor Milan Vlček in a production by Operetten-Salon, with support from the Society.

The CD contains both vocal and orchestral pieces. It was released in 2012. The CD is offered for sale direct from this site.


Click on the crotchet to hear a short excerpt of each track.  

crotchet Wien wird bei Nacht ( Frühjahrsparade)- Robert Stolz  

crotchet Dein ist mein ganzes Herz (Das Land des Lächelns- Franz Lehár  

crotchet Wer uns Getraucht (Zigeunerbaron) - Johann Strauss  

crotchet Se Saran Rose* - Luigi Arditi 

crotchet Flotte Geister Waltz* ( Das Baby, Heuberger) - Karl Komzák  

crotchet Sei gepreisen du lauschige Nacht (Die Landstreicher) - Carl Michael Ziehrer  

crotchet Mein Träum, mein Träum (Kaiserin Josephine)- Emmerich Kálmán  

crotchet Sturm Galopp - Karl Komzák  

crotchet Sag ja, mein Lieb, sag ja (Gräfin Mariza)- Emmerich Kálmán  

crotchet Karlsbader Sprudel Galopp* - Joseph Labitzky  

crotchet Die Erste Liebe* (Fesche Geister) - Carl Michael Ziehrer

* World première modern recordings

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