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Anniversaries this month

Dominik Ertl b.1857
Leo Fall b.1883
Alexander Girardi d.1918
August Wilhelm Jurek b.1870
August Wilhelm Jurek d.1934
Frantisek Kmoch d.1912
Karl Komzák II d.1905
Eduard Kremser b.1838
Joseph Lanner b.1801
Joseph Lanner d.1843
Franz Lehár b.1870
Carl Millöcker b.1842
Josef Müller b.1821
Gustav Pick d.1921
Johann Sioly d.1911
Eduard Strauss II d.1969
Franz von Suppč b.1819
Karl Treumann d.1877
Charles Weinberger b.1861



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News on recordings

Our milestone project with Naxos is now successfully 'in the can'. Some 180 minutes of music has been recorded in a period of 6 days in the Czech Republic and we have created the first ever full orchestral recording of a collection of music by Eduard Strauss to mark the centenary of his death in 2016. Also recorded was a further volume of music by Strauss family contemporaries. The whole team has done an extraordinary job, of which our Society should be proud. The CDs are likely to be released some time in 2017.
Please take a look at this You Tube video made during the penultimate recording session (note that this not the final edited version but a raw live 'take'):


Forthcoming Events

15 February 2017: 150 years of The Blue Danube.

The Blue Danube (An der schönen blauen Donau)!   Almost certainly the most frequently performed piece of classical music on the planet is The Blue Danube. Originally intended as a choral work, and since performed by just about every orchestra that ever existed, it has also been played in almost every possible musical combination. It is the piece that inevitably rounds off hundreds of balls, and countless concert performances of Viennese and other popular orchestral music. And not to mention its broadcast and propagation in just about every form of media, a countless number of times every day, all around the world. In fact one can confidently assume that The Blue Danube is being played or broadcast somewhere, right now.

The event is being marked in its home city of Vienna in special exhibitions at the Strauss Museum and the Vienna City Library, and at the 2017 Tanz-Signale symposium in March.

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Operetta: Europe Winter Season


Staats-Operette Dresden
Offenbach: Orpheus in der Unterwelt from Dec 17
Strauss: Die Fledermaus from Jan 14
Benatzky: Im weissen Rössl from Mar 11

Operettenbühne Berlin
Lehar: Das Land des Lächelns Dec 3
Strauss: Die Fledermaus Feb 11

Komische Oper Berlin
Straus: Die Perlen der Cleopatra from Dec 3
Straus: Eine Frau,die weiss, was sie will from Dec 11
Offenbach: Les Contes d’Hofmann from Feb 3
Abraham: Ball im Savoy from Feb 23


Vienna Volksoper
Offenbach: Hofmanns Eräzhlungen Nov 3-Dec 10
Benatzky: Im weissen Rössl  Nov 8-Dec 7
Strauss: Die Fledermaus from Nov 10
Kalman: Die Zirkusprincessin from Dec 9
Benatzky: Axel an der Himmelstür  Dec 15-Jan 5
Lehar: Die lustige Witwe from Jan 21
Millöcker: Der Bettelstudent from Apr 8

Bühne Baden
Lehar: Der Graf von Luxemburg Oct 15-Nov 25
Strauss: Carneval in Rom Dec 17-Feb 5
Fall: Madam Pompadour Jan 21-Mar 17

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