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Programme for the 2008 New Year's Day Concert in Vienna

The 2008 concert was conducted by Georges Prêtre and contained the following works.

First half

Johann Strauss II
Napoleon-Marsch, Op. 156

Josef Strauss
Dorfschwalben aus Österreich (Village Swallows from Austria) Waltz, Op. 164
Laxenburger Polka, Op. 60

Johann Strauss I
Paris Waltz, Op. 101
Versailler Galopp, Op. 107

Johann Strauss II
Orpheus-Quadrille, Op. 236

Joseph Hellmesberger
Kleiner Anzeiger, Galopp, Op. 4

Second half

Johann Strauss II
Overture, "Indigo und die vierzig Räuber" (Indigo and the Forty Thieves)
Freuet euch des Lebens, Walzer, Op. 340
Bluette, Polka française, Op. 271
Tritsch-Tratsch, Polka schnell, Op. 214

Joseph Lanner
Hofball-Tänze, Walzer, Op. 161

Josef Strauss
Die Libelle, Polka Mazurka, Op. 204

Johann Strauss II
Russischer Marsch (Russian March), Op. 426
Die Pariserin, Polka française, Op. 238

Johann Strauss I
Chineser-Galopp (Chinese Galop), Op. 20

Johann Strauss II
Kaiser-Walzer (Emperor Waltz), Op. 437
Die Bajadere, Polka schnell, Op. 351


Josef Strauss
Sport-Polka, Polka schnell, Op. 170

Johann Strauss II
An der schönen, blauen Donau (The Blue Danube), waltz, Op. 314

Johann Strauss I
Radetzky Marsch, Op. 228

Decca has released the CD of the concert.

Our Honorary Life President, Peter Kemp, was recently commissioned by The Decca Music Group to prepare detailed programme texts on each item in the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra's 2008 New Year's Day Concert, for inclusion in the official press pack to promote their CD and DVD of the concert. Decca have subsequently truncated Peter's texts for inclusion on their own website promoting these products. These texts do not appear in either the CD or DVD booklets, but are provided for the interest of potential purchasers and browsers.

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